Down in Reconstruction

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Note: This song has a similar beat to the Civil War song. That's because Civil War and Reconstruction go hand in hand!

Hey Freed Blacks, and Scalawags, everyone grab, your carpetbags.
We're heading down, to Dixieland, Constitution, is in our hands.

After so much gore, in the bloody Civil War, after all the fights, blacks still had no rights ...

Until Reconstruction, Reconstruction, Reconstruction, Reconstruction.

Lincoln wanted, to be fair, but John Wilkes Booth, didn't care.
So Johnson became, President, but soon after, came impeachment.

Radical Reps, took drastic steps, they saw freed blacks as evens, led by Thaddeus Stevens.

Chorus (Down in Reconstruction)

Amendment 13, abolition, Amendment 14, Citizens.
Amendment 15, the right to vote, Act of '67, I can't believe I hit that note.

Freedmen's Bureau, gave jobs in exchange for dough, but it all would end in days, after the election of Hayes.


'77, the North would leave, Home rule started, the South would bleed. KKK, started to grow, violence, then came Jim Crow.

Former slaves left in tears, no civil rights for 90 years, enduring racist scars, behind the stars and bars.



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