1. First off ... I have to say this:: Prague is pretty darn gorgeous. It's one of the few cities that was not demolished in a war in the 20th Century. CLICK HERE TO SEE SOME OF ITS GLORY.



2. COMMUNISM! COMMUNISM! COMMUNISM!!! It's true, I am behind the iron-curtain, and it shows. CLICK HERE FOR COMMUNISM.




3. People love this clock in Prague. They camp out for 30 minutes to watch it do very little every hour. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT IF IT TELLS TIME.




4. The Sudetenland! The Czech-German border and Ceske Krumlov. What the heck does that mean? CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO  ANSWER.



5. Czechoslovakia? What ever happened to that country?  CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO ANSWER.




6. Jewish Prague. CLICK HERE FOR MORE!



7. Marionettes!!! CLICK HERE FOR Toys.





8. What does it mean to defenestrate!?? Come to Prague Castle FOR VIDEO ANSWER.



9. Why are so many people fighting to touch this statue? CLICK HERE FOR ANSWER.




10. What was the Velvet Revolution? CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO ANSWER.



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