How Mr. Klaff Changed the World of Canned Soup!

I used to eat lunch with Mr. Lederer (before he became too cool for Social Studies and returned to Math.) We used to talk about baseball, Mr. Begun, and our favorite topic ... canned soup. He used to bring in these Progresso cans every day. I voiced my displeasure of how the cans didn't have the "pop top" lid. Mr. Lederer agreed, and always had to suffer with a can-opener for a minute.

It was time for Mr. Klaff to take action!

For a few times a month I would call up the 1-800 number on the can, complaining that I was going to buy Chunky Soup until they got a pop-top lid. They always told me that it was a good idea, and they would send the complaint onto management. Well ... it turns out that Progresso is a company of the masses -- In late 2004, all Progresso cans now have ... the pop-top lid. Much like his great grandfather, Lewis Klaff, who invented the turning signal ... Mr. Klaff will not get any royalties, nor free soup. Still, he has changed the lives of millions of Americans who no longer have to suffer with a can-opener before enjoying their minestrone.


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